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Our Materials

Ornamental fence section Style 1

We sell and distribute Ornamental fence panels. Our products have a 20 years warranty and better quality with the most competitive prices in Canada.

Ornamental Fence sections Style 2

We sell our fence panels cheaper than any other competitor. This is due to our direct contact with the biggest manufacturers in Canada and USA.

Tempered glass panels 12mm thick (1/2'')

We sell glass fence panels and glass railing for interior and exterior. Our prices are cheaper than any other competitor. All tempered glass panels are conform to Canadian Standard with grade A quality. We offer 1 Year warranty on tempered glass panels.

Tempered glass panels 6mm thick (1/4'')

We sell 6mm thick (1/4'') Tempered glass panels. Our Quality and price are unbeatable.Contact us for more details.

Glass fence and railing hardware

We have a wide range of glass hardware. All conform to pool and most cities bylaw. Please check our price list and let us know if you want to know more about our products.

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